Cabinet Refinishing

We refinish cabinets the right way, with the right products. No primer/paints or kits that will not work. We use cat-lacquers and conversion varnish. Every cabinet company in America uses these two products when building new cabinets.

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Modernize Your Island

Your kitchen island plain and not appealing? We can change that for a fraction of the cost of having one custom built. We have several styles of upgrade for under $650 We can also custom build one to fit your space!

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Crown Molding

Want crown molding on your cabinets? Have it already but is small and doesn't match the cabinets? We can correct that as well. It is an inexpensive option that really brings that special look to your cabinets

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Don't Be Fooled

Your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your home. Don't trust the transition to handyman services, or inexperienced individuals who will just create another expense you can't afford, or need. We offer a professional experience and a stunning finish unmatched by any paint or kits found at box stores. When we are done it actually appears that you have gotten new cabinets. It has the factory feel and look. It never has that "Painted" look.

Our products installed properly literally saves you thousands versus replacement. Our services rarely exceed $5000 turnkey. Our only limitations are your imagination.


Free Estimates

All estimates are free and can be done a couple different ways. We can do field estimates on site, or we can do them via pictures. Drop us a line and let us know how you prefer to get your estimates